Cove A Teer SPRING 2015

Board Meetings

Meetings are held on a Saturday of each month.  Owners, who want to attend a meeting to discuss a problem or complaint, must contact the Management Company first by providing information regarding the nature of the problem or complaint.

Property Inspections

Inspections have been completed and homeowners will have one to two months to make the necessary corrections to their unit.  Re-inspection will take place after the 4th of July.  To avoid daily fines, please make the needed corrections before July 3rd.  It is important to keep our development looking great.

About Our Association

Everyone owns their unit and the property around the unit.  Unlike a condominium, there is no shared property in our community.  Ownership is restricted to the land adjacent to your property as defined by your deed.  Even though you own the ground, you are not permitted to do anything without written permission from the Board of Directors.  When you walk on lawns that are not beside your house, you are walking on lawns owned by other residents so be respectful of your neighbors land.

Responsibilities of Our Landscapers

The Association requires our landscaper to maintain our sprinkler system, mow the lawns, trim bushes twice a year, plant mulch, edge lawns every other week, do a spring and fall cleanup and remove dead bushes.  The landscaper does not remove bushes that the homeowner dislikes, unless the homeowner offers to pay the landscaper for his service.   Please note that they DO NOT do tree trimming.

Tree Service

If you require tree trimming, please contact the Home Owners Association.

Landscape and Architectural Committee

As mandated by our by-laws, we need to have a Landscape and Architectural Committee to respond to requests by

homeowners who wish to make changes to the exterior of their units.  If anyone is interested in volunteering for the committee, please notify Thompson Realty.

Trash and Trash Cans

Trash needs to be placed in trash cans to prevent sea gulls from getting into it.  The city will fine anyone who has put trash in bags that the sea gulls have torn open and created a mess.  Also, trash cans are not to be stored in front of units after trash or recycling has been collected.

Unit Appearance and Maintenance

It is the homeowners’ responsibility to keep their units’ free of mold, stains, rust or rotting of wood on shed door trim and/or decks.   Shutters, doors, stucco, garage doors should be maintained.

Pet Owner Responsibility

Pet owners love their pets, but that does not allow them to walk their pets on neighbors’ lawns.  Brigantine has set aside a grassy area on Lagoon Boulevard where pet owners can walk their dog.  There is even a container where dog waste can be placed.  Homeowners need to notify their renters this information.  The City of Brigantine will fine pet owners who do not abide by this ordinance.


Please note that Sherwin Williams in Absecon has the color samples for the Association.

Gutter Maintenance and Dryer Vents

Gutters get clogged with dirt and pine needles from trees and should be cleaned.  Dirty gutters are also unsightly and ruin the appearance of the unit.  Dryer vents must be kept free of excessive lint since a buildup of lint can be a fire hazard.  Homeowners should also check their crawl space to make sure that their dryer hose is still connected properly so that it vents to the outside of the building.

Smell a Gas Leak

Call South Jersey Gas immediately at 1-800-582-7060.


You should turn off your water if you are not going to be at your house for long periods of a time and especially in the winter.  This past winter was extremely cold and Brigantine had a number of pipes burst.

The board is looking into a website for further announcements and information.

Thank You for your cooperation.